Moonstone Villas is owned and operated by 4 partners and friends: Raelene (from Canada) and Anil, Ranjith, Ruwan (all Sri Lankan from Tangalle). They met after the tsunami in 2004 when Raelene came to Tangalle as a volunteer to build houses with Developing World Connections. Anil, Ranjith and Ruwan were helping with the rebuilding of their community and they have been doing this together as friends and with Developing World Connections ever since.

When Raelene decided to come to Tangalle, it seemed the time to create our partnership in Sri-Can Holdings (Private) Limited and combine our talents in developing Moonstone Villas.

You will meet partners Raelene and Anil during your stay at Moonstone Villas, as they each play a role in the managing of the day-to-day activities at Moonstone Villas. Anil is from Tangalle, and can assist you in planning to see and do all the things that interest you, and can introduce you to many interesting things about Tangalle that are not in the tourist books.

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You will see Raelene's art in the villa rooms as painting in oil and pastel has been a 30 year hobby for her. You may even have the opportunity to watch an art piece in the making as she sometimes paints in the garden near the pool.

Moonstone Villas staff are all from the Tangalle area and will delight in sharing their traditional language, stories, and information about the local flora and fauna. They speak Singhala and English and they smile a lot! 

Moonstone Villas believes in keeping the planet green, clean and healthy so we compost, recycle and utilize solar hot water.

What is the most important thing to us? Making your stay at Moonstone Villas everything you want it to be and hosting you, your family and friends, year after year.